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"Competitors" Survive ---Information Construction of Jiangling Enterprise

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I once remembered that Hong Kong artist Ke Shouliang drove over the Yellow River in a car one year, passing by the river several hundred meters wide. As a result, various media have praised Ko's spirit and pride, but never focused on the real hero-the car. A car with superior performance reflects the manufacturer's advanced design and manufacturing technology, as well as its strong technological content.

Automobiles are typical mechanical products with a high degree of integration. The rapid progress of the automotive industry worldwide reflects its achievements in supporting the development of CAD/CAM. As a typical manufacturing industry in the automotive industry, the application of CAD/CAM technology is very important. It provides the means and comprehensive capabilities for the product development, process and manufacturing of automotive companies. In automotive production, it is moving towards multi-variety, small-batch, and individualized needs. Under the increasingly strong trend, the competitiveness of enterprises has been significantly enhanced.