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Hangzhou Automobile uses CAD technology to drive enterprise development

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one. Since the 1990s, knowledge-based industries have gradually become the main growth point of the world economy. Mankind is entering an era of knowledge economy that takes the possession, allocation, production, and use of knowledge resources as the main factors. Today’s economic development in the world is more dependent on the production, diffusion and application of knowledge than ever before. my country’s CAD/CAM technology is adapted to the development needs of modern enterprises. Level of competition outside. Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. is an example of rapid development of enterprises by taking the road of integrated construction of information technology.


  two. CAD promotion and application engineering

1. Starting from actual needs, adhere to the principle of demand-driven
Taking into account the comprehensive strengths of technical strength, consulting services, training, etc., Hangzhou Automobile selected Wuhan Tianyu Information Industry Co., Ltd. (formerly Huazhong Software Company) as its technology support unit, and insisted on "benefit-driven, overall planning, and step-by-step implementation." "Key breakthroughs, popularization and application" policy has set a practical and feasible development goal. Before formulating a detailed technical transformation plan, Tianyu convened the backbone of the CAPP and PDM project teams to form a project team of the Hangzhou Automobile Project to conduct a survey on the implementation of process management in Hangzhou Automobile. The two parties had a face-to-face, open and in-depth exchange and discussion. . Hangqi introduced the problems it needs to solve and the technical bottlenecks that the company is currently facing, and through the contacts between the two parties, research methods to solve the problems.


  2. Tianyu proposes a detailed process management plan, and conducts PDM discussions with the leaders of relevant units; then organizes relevant departments to sort out and discuss the project management plan, and make corrections with the help of Tianyu personnel, and finally determine the implementation plan. Tianyu provides the product data management system IntePDM, which uses IntePDM as the information integration platform to effectively integrate various application systems, such as CAD, CAPP, etc., to realize information sharing, and to establish the product structure of Hangzhou Automobile series products, and organize the related products according to this structure. The product data computer management system, straighten out the product development information flow, establish the computer workflow and task flow management of the product data, and provide means to support the cross-departmental project management, concurrent engineering and collaborative development of Hangzhou Automobile Company; on the basis of Tianyu InteCAPP Carry out CAPP customization and secondary development for each professional production process of Hangzhou Automobile, and finally achieve a comprehensive process design process based on PDM, product structure tree as the main line, computer process generation processing, auxiliary process processing and process design post-processing. Electronic, improve the efficiency of process design.


3. Training talents while providing services
In order to ensure the quality and strength of the implementation of the Hangzhou Automobile CAD project, ChinaSoft combines the quality of the personnel of the Hangzhou Automobile Group to implement personnel training at different periods and levels.
A. Trained two IntePDM and InteCAPP system maintainers for Hangzhou Automobile. The content includes network, database, PDM system, CAPP system, etc.
B. Provide training on the use and operation of IntePDM and InteCAPP systems.
C. Based on the quality of the secondary developers and the main technical backbones in the factory, select outstanding talents, and carry out targeted training of high-level professional and technical personnel in accordance with the training methods of masters and doctors, combined with the actual situation of the factory and the key technology research requirements.
D. Tianyu can respond to technical problems in use in a timely manner. When on-site service is required, it can also be present within 24 hours to cooperate with the work process of the enterprise.
E. All software is installed and debugged by Tianyu technicians to the site of Hangzhou Automobile, and the technicians will perform on-site demonstrations.


4. The product data management system cited by Hangzhou Automobile is a huge integrated system, which involves all departments and links in the enterprise. The enterprise design has reached the multi-scheme design under the all-digital environment, greatly shortening the product life cycle.